DevOps and the Cloud Are Essential to Digital Transformation

DevOps and the Cloud Are Essential to Digital Trasnformation

More and more companies are seeing the benefit of moving to the cloud, and for good reason. Cloud technology offers many benefits to better suit agile enterprises to spearhead digital transformation and keep their company competitive in the ever changing business environment.

It is imperative to design an agile IT architecture to prepare for fast-paced changes in the business landscape. Digital transformation has brought forth a need to be hyper respondent to the needs of our customers - which include rapid deployment of innovative products, services, and software.

Speed and agility are a byproduct of digital transformation but are often met with tension when it comes to traditional business practices. The development, testing, and deployment of new applications have been greatly affected by digital transformation. Previously, times to deployment varied greatly, as projects lingered in one of each stage while waiting for administrative advice or cumbersome bureaucratic orders.

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