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What Affect Will PSD2 Have on European Financial Institutions?

The driving force behind all Payment Service Directives is the harmonization of the payments landscape to level the playing field between countries and between payments providers, with the end goal of increasing competitiveness. Increased competitiveness gives the consumer better value in the end. 

Is PropTech The New Fintech?

Is PropTech the New FinTech?

FinTech revolutionized the financial world; it gave us online banking, crowdfunding, and P2P lending. PropTech is a newly minted business term for property + technology. Traditionally conservative, the Real Estate industry is too slow, reactionary, and rigid to keep up with the growing demands of smart city development.

PropTech Real Estate Industry 4.0

The Role of Startups and Corporates in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By 2022, the market value of Industry 4.0 will reach a valuation of €185 billion. Also referred to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Pioneering startups and statuatory corporations around the globe are researching and preparing for the inevitable change that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring.

European Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley

European Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley

Let's face it: traditional jobs are quickly disappearing. As companies lay off obsolete departments and hire very few people to replace them, don’t fret. It's just the cycle of business. If you have been put out of work, look for a career with the many groundbreaking startups that corporates are drawing their inspiration from.