The goal of professional proofreading is to eliminate errors, clarify the writing, and ensure that the thesis of the document is clearly and interestingly presented so that it will be understood by all who read it. If the point of writing is to convey thoughts and information, then the document itself must be clearly and correctly written. 

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Standard Proofreading

  • 60€/hour

A document may range in price from approximately three cents per word for a one-week turnaround time to six cents per word for an eight-hour turnaround time. To be clear: this price is for standard proofreading, not for editing. Proofreading means checking over text that has already been through a proper editing process.

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SEO Proofreading and Rewriting

80€ an hour for SEO proofreading and re-writing including...

  • SEO audit

  • Grammatical synergy (including common mistakes such as Passive Voice, Tautologies, Overused Words, weak adjectives, etc.)

  • Plagiarism testing

  • Fact checking

  • Readability scoring

  • Proper headings and subheadings

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ICO Proofreading and Rewriting

An excellent white paper is the foundation of a successful initial coin or initial token offering. When you’re creating an ICO or token offering white paper, you need a writer who is not only experienced in writing, but who also understands the underlying distributed ledger technology, as well as the background of your proprietary development and the business model behind the coin issue.