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Enterprise Architecture

Nine Key Use Cases Solved With Enterprise Architecture
Application Portfolio Management: Value-Driven Architecting
9 Rules and Guidelines for Application Rationalization
Why Enterprise Architecture Is the Key to GDPR Compliance
Building Your Information Security Team
Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management Go Together
Discover & Organize Business Capabilities with Enterprise Architecture
Case Study: How to Solve GDPR with Enterprise Architecture
Business Case Calculator for Enterprise Architecture
The Mind of the Modern Enterprise Architect
The Ultimate Business Capabilities Post
The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture
How to Answer the Top Questions of Enterprise Architecture Stakeholders [Visual Reports]
Enterprise Business Capabilities - A Quick Guide
IT Architecture Is Constantly in Flux
An Enterprise Architect's Influence on Application Integration
Organize Your Enterprise with Business Capability Maps
IT & Business Speaking the Same Language: Business Capabilities
Quick Way to Fail? Enterprise Architecture on Excel
What Is Digital Twin Technology and Why Should Enterprise Architects Care?


Developing Microservices with Java
Making the Most of DevOps with Microservices
Benefits and Challenges of Using Microservices
Why Netflix, Amazon, and Apple Care About Microservices
Microservices Will Prepare Your Enterprise for IoT
What Is DevOps and What Does It Mean for Your Business?
Award-Winning File Sharing Company Box Embraces Microservices
Microservices and SOA, DevOps, and Enterprise Architecture
How Microservices Helped Startup Blinkist to Scale Their Vision

Digital Transformation

DevOps and the Cloud Are Essential to Digital Transformation
Kanban vs Scrum vs Agile.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
Digital Transformation Brings Storage Transformation
The Path from Developer to Solutions Architect
7 Innovative Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today
McKinsey Survey Results: IT’s Value Proposition Is Shifting Dramatically
The Challenges of Modernizing Government IT
Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems
The Era of Quantum Computing and Big Data Analytics
Ease into the Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Digital Transformation's Impact on Enterprise Architecture
Migrating to SaaS: Best Practices for Cloud Transformation
Virtualization Accelerates Digital Transformation


Internet of Things: Middleware
IoT Devices, Sensors, and Actuators Explained
How Big Data and IoT Will Affect Your Company's Architecture
9 Steps to IoT Security in the Enterprise
Machine Learning, IoT, and Augmented Reality's Affect on Retail
Laying a Solid Framework for IoT With Enterprise Architecture
How Can Enterprise Architects Prepare Their Organizations for IoT?


6 Major Changes That GDPR Brings to Your Company
Are Your Cloud Apps GDPR Compliant?
What Affect Will PSD2 Have on European Financial Institutions?
The Road to GDPR: The Continuous Reform of EU Data Protection Rules
10 Critical Facts Businesses Need to Know About GDPR
7 Questions to Ask Your Chief Information Security Officer About GDPR
McKesson Successfully Uses EAM Software to Demonstrate GDPR Compliance
Equifax Credit Hack - How GDPR Principles Could Have Saved the Data of 143 Million People

Application Rationalization

Step-by-Step Framework for Mastering Application Rationalization
The Definitive Guide to Application Portfolio Management
Application Portfolio Management Best Practices
9 Rules and Guidelines for Application Rationalization
Application Portfolio Management: Value-Driven Architecting
Benefits and Opportunities of Application Rationalization
Why Do Companies Overlook Application Rationalization?
What Is Application Rationalization and Why Do I Need It?


Blockchain in the Enterprise
Blockchain Will Strengthen the Future of IoT
What to Make of Blockchain as an Enterprise Architect


Is PropTech the New FinTech?
Fintech Startups Are Stealing 40% of Banking Market Share
European Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley