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Hey y’all! I’m Lesa. Welcome to my space on the internets.

If you’re reading this, maybe you are like me – adjusting to the world in your early to mid twenties, and realizing that all you were taught was a lie. Ok, thats a bit dramatic. Not a lie per say, but a far cry from the reality you are living in right now.

I was taught to choose a relationship over everything, friends, career etc. Now I write about the fearless women who are choosing travel over the promise of love.

I was taught that you gain experiences and knowledge in classrooms. Now I know that you learn more about life and yourself by traveling the world.

I was raised to be nice, accommodating, docile and sweet. I learned that I owe no one ANYTHING.

I’m finding huge pieces of myself scattered about dingy library nooks, tattered journals, hippie communities, during 18 hour flights, and after an early divorce. I learn more about myself during marathon dance sessions in dark warehouses than I’ve ever learned in university. As I change my thoughts, patterns, and beliefs – my whole life follows suit.

I’m on a path that speaks to me. I’ve figured out what it takes to make a great life, and to feel alive every second of everyday. – I’m sharing every pitfall and success, and quirky travel story with you – in hope to inspire you to challenge societal norms.

So welcome to my world, internet friends!


Mindful Lifestyle

Choosing to wholly connect to the world around us. Living mindfully has enhanced my experience as a human being.

Namaste, Yo

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Love & Relationships

With my eyes uncovered and my heart uncaged – I’ve realized that love is expansive. Love looks nothing like what we were taught as kids.

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A combination of mindfulness, sensory words, and descriptive prompts will bid you remember the vibrant array of colors, textures, tastes and smells of your unforgettable days.

The mindfulness travel journal will help you achieve your ultimate goals ; whether you are an aspiring author, or blogger looking to add more substance to your posts, or a traveler recording memories just for remembrance sake.

No BS Advice

You’ve received years of BS advice from well-meaning parents, out of touch teachers and your equally inexperienced friends. I know you have – because I have too!! Here’s some straight up no bullshit advice from me to you. (And often times from me to me.)

Share knowledge.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

-Oprah Winfrey



Living nomadically has changed me in so many different ways – from living an ultra materialistic life to a hippie commune. I’ve lived 10 lives already.

Explore with me

Challenge everything.

It’s your right.